Monday, August 9, 2010

Spirits in October - Riverside Cemetery, Macon, GA

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to Macon, Georgia. I would love to take part in their Spirits in October events! I'm on their e-mail list, so I get the latest and greatest news about Riverside Cemetery in Macon. The text links probably won't work, but this one will take you to the site:

Here's the scoop:

Help us bring history to life...

...during guided tours of Riverside Cemetery's premiere event, Spirits in October! Past participants have reported "finding a deeper connection to the past...and stories I will not forget."

This event is produced by a partnership of Historic Riverside Cemetery Conservancy, Historic Macon and Cox Capitol Theatre. Proceeds from the event benefit these three non-profit organizations.

For more information, visit our website or the Spirits in October Facebook page, email us, or contact us at (478) 742-5328.

Spirits in October needs YOUR help!!!

Sister Mary Edward (Katie Manning)  hands out candy to good girls and boys
George Stallings with tour group

We need volunteers for our third annual Spirits in October event. If you enjoy history, speak well in public, can be a gracious host, or just appreciate the intangible benefit that comes from helping to preserve one of our community's most treasured landmarks, then, one (or all) of the areas below might be perfect for you!



Live in or near Macon, GA? Volunteer for Spirits in October at Riverside Cemetery!


If you participate, let me know how it goes!



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