Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cemeteries and events in the news

Check out the latest stories about cemeteries and cemetery events in the news:

• NPR story: Scientists Stalk Cemeteries For Signs Of Wildlife  http://n.pr/awKpqH http://n.pr/awKpqH

• Lauren Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia - Wednesday, July 28, 6 p.m. - "A Twilight Tour & Toast to Our Famous Fishtowners" - cost is $20 for public, $17 for members, $15 for seniors/students - www.thelaurelhillcemetery.org

• Catholic Cemeteries Archdiocese of Chicago: http://www.catholiccemeterieschicago.org/cemeterynews.php

• Problems of neglect, ownership confusion linger at historic Lincoln Cemetery - Montgomery, Ala. -

• McCaskill: Arlington Cemetery grave gaffe growing - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38419873/ns/us_news/

• Historic spotlight: Forest Llewellyn Cemetery - http://www.heartlandconnection.com/news/story.aspx?id=480329

• Skokie Cemetery tells father of Iraq war veteran Albert Bitton to take down flags - http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/news/metro/skokie-cemetery-albert-bitton-war-veteran-flags-20100726


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The latest: Philadelphia's Laurel Hill Cemetery records now online

(info from their e-newsletter)

Laurel Hill Cemetery's Interment Records Are Now Available Online!

In the spirit of Independence Day, Laurel Hill Cemetery hereby declares our freedom from paper burial records! After years of planning, fundraising and hard work, our record of interments is finally available online!
Though our burial records are now digitized, our work is far from complete. We are in fact currently in the process of raising funds for the second phase of records digitization. The successful completion of this forthcoming phase will result in a digital copy of every lot file and interment record contained in Laurel Hill's Archives, from 1836 to the present day.
We now seek the support of our patrons, friends, lot holders, and the many genealogists and researchers who have used our Archives over the years. Please help us to realize the completion of our records digitization through a fully tax-deductible, charitable donation.
Final Submissions Deadline for 175 Years of Reflections booklet is approaching - July 30th
The Friends are in the process of preparing a commemorative booklet to mark Laurel Hill's 175th anniversary in 2011. Tentatively titled 175 Years of Reflections, Laurel Hill Cemetery, 1836-2011, this pocket-sized text will include personal recollections and artistic representations - both historic and contemporary - on or about our famed National Historic Landmark site. We welcome your submissions! They can include a piece of original, creative text about the Cemetery, such as a poem, the recounting of a personal experience had while here, or a meditation on what Laurel Hill means to you. Reflections can also include original renderings of the site, ranging from charcoal sketches, oil paintings, sculpture, collage, photography and mixed media. Visit the website for details: http://thelaurelhillcemetery.org/index.php?m=6&id=7
Sat. July 24, 7pm
$30/per, $27/members, $25 seniors+students
Wed. July 28, 6pm
A Twilight Tour and Toast to Our Famous Fishtowners
$20/per, $17/members; $15 seniors+students
To register for any of our July events, please call (215) 228-8200 or email tours@thelaurelhillcemetery.org.

Riverside Cemetery event in Denver, CO

Walk-A-Bout: "The Other Side of Riverside"
Saturday, July 17th at 9:00am.

Due to popular demand for this tour we are doing it again, this time with even more unusual people and monuments! And, to help celebrate Old Globeville Days there will be special emphasis on Globeville stories and the orthodox section of the cemetery.

Tour guide Jeff Stoffel will highlight some of Riverside's unsung and colorful residents. We'll also discuss the symbolism and materials of the monuments and art as well as some info on the flora and fauna of the park.

The walk starts at the office at 9 am and we'll wrap up by 11 am. Bring sunscreen, sun umbrella's, water and your walking shoes. Please keep in mind there are no facilities at Riverside.

After the tour take a short drive to the Orthodox Food Festival & Old Globeville Days for a cold drink and a plate of the best ethnic festival food in Denver.

Enjoy authentic food, entertainment and live music from Russia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Eritrea, Greece & Mexico. Also enjoy a look at the historical landmark church with it's beautiful iconography. Co-presented by Holy Transfiguration Cathedral and the Globeville Civic Assn. more information, http://orthodoxfoodfestival.wetpaint.com/

The Event is held at Argo Park, right across the street Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Cathedral at 47th and Logan St. in Denver.

Both these events are free. We'll keep the tour to 20 people, please drop an email if you plan to attend the 9 am tour to events@friendsofriversidecemetery.org.

Learn More About the Globeville Story

Interested in learning more about Globeville? Check out the Globeville Story blog website written by Mary Lou Egan to find out more about the history of the area.

Contribute to The Riverside Scout: Stories and Ephemera of Denver's Oldest Cemetery

Board member Dave Cass sends word that he is looking for more stories about Riverside to post on our new website, The Riverside Scout. The Riverside Scout is dedicated to presenting stories and ephemera of Denver's Oldest Cemetery. Have a story you want to tell? Let Dave know by emailing him at history@friendsofriversidecemetery.org. Otherwise, check it out at 1876.friendsofriversidecemetery.org.

Contact Information

If you have an idea or suggestion we encourage you to get in touch with us:

Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery
PO Box 16712
Denver CO 80216

The Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery is a volunteer-run 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting preservation of Denver's oldest cemetery.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So what's next?

In March 2010, my latest book came out, "Images of America: Chippiannock Cemetery." We had a wonderful book launch party at the Hauberg Civic Center in Rock Island, Illinois. The Center was originally John and Suzanne Hauberg's mansion. The Haubergs were major philanthropists in the area and are featured in the book.

Since then, I did a book signing tour of the Quad Cities. Borders, Barnes & Noble, the Village of East Davenport, Sam's Club ... I was a veritable Stephen King! Of cemetery books. LOL Maybe my books haven't sold millions (yet!), but I'm pretty happy.

The response I've received from people has been great. So many people who grew up around the cemetery bought the book and told me how much they learned about the monuments they used to play around as kids.

What means the most to me about writing is being able to share what I've learned with other people. It's actually an honor.

So what's next? What cemetery will I write about? What tales will I tell? Who or what will they be about?

In the works is a book about Oakdale Memorial Gardens in Davenport, Iowa. I'm also talking with some fellow taphophile friends about a book of cemetery photography by The Ladies of Cemetery Photography. I'd love to write a book about my favorite cemetery in New Orleans.

And don't forget that I'm working on getting the next issue of Epitaphs Magazine out. Yes, I'm starting to sound like a broken record about that! We've had a number of health issues, etc., in the family, and family comes first. So I am far from shouting about a deadline for it. But I will keep you posted. It's going to have some good stuff in it.

I can say that it felt really good a couple of weekends ago to get out in the cemetery and take photos. It had been a while.

As far as this weekend, I won't be hitting the cemetery. What I will be doing this weekend is performing the wedding ceremony for my cousin and his fiance. That's an honor for me, too.

Peace to all of you,